About Mahyar

About Mahyar

About Mahyar

About Us:

Mahyar Cancer Aid Charity Institution was established and registered in 2008 in the form of a non- governmental and non-profit organization under Islamic Republic of Iran jurisdiction law and initiated her activities fueled by the pure intentions and efforts of some benevolent independent people who were deeply familiar  with those  who were suffering painfully of the cancer. Since then and in collaboration with Medical University of Shahid Beheshti and also in cooperation with other relevant institutions, Mahyar has played an effective role in prevention, treatment and cure of cancer as well as caring the patients and their vulnerable families during very sensible convalescence period of treatmen

Since 2019 and concerning  the great number of sufferings of all type of cancer  and also  realizing  the vital importance of routine  necessary  taking care of day by day to socially – economically vulnerable patients and families in the shelters close to cancer treatment  centers just  to clinically guarantee the long treatment results ,  the scope of the provided services have been narrowed  exclusively to the patients who have had bone marrow transplants following the decision of Board of Trustees

Due to the needs of bone marrow transplant patients in the fields of psychology, nutrition and physical empowerment, Mahyar  has recruited  relevant specialists voluntarily on their own  to accelerate the recovery of patients accordingly

Our Vision :

Mahyar, as a distinctive symbol of the success and as a mission-oriented NGO, dreams the day  that there won’t be any sign of unawareness, poverty and cancer in Iran and the world respectively

 : The very fundamental values we follow through

  • Establishing legal mechanisms; follow systematic procedures, and prevailing transparency in all of the activities to be done by sectors and in all subsidiary bodies. Based on a pragmatic framework, transparency principal as a core value will include administrative, financial, organization behavioral procedures as well as all the transactions with all the entities within the country or beyond the borders either private or governmental
  • Strengthening and promoting human based qualities, creating real sense  of satisfaction and self-esteem in patients and families,  realizing the priority of professional tasks and respecting  social ethics and morals in rendering  services to  the patients, their companions and all the staff while considering to maintain human dignity and also respecting  beliefs of any kind and any group
  • Having clear, definite set goals in serving cancer suffering patients to reach at in due time , while taking our best endeavor using our  competitive advantages to move along the socio-economical changes all around and making  the environment best suit to suffering target groups
  • Planning and putting stress on generating and expanding any legitimate  sustainable source  of income to serve the goals the institute has set for  by relying on team working
  • Respect for environmental issues and compliance with related principles and regulations

Our services

Providing  temporary Residence /health care in  the centers  for cancer patients  :

According to current residential available facilities in Tehran and close to cancer treatment centers, Mahyar has provided  a 5-storey building with 20 separate suits for the patients at the time being.  Mahyar welcomes at least 40 economically disabled patients from all over the country to spend  their post  treatment procedure. These patients are generally accompanied by one of their relatives to spend their recovery period on average between 45 and 60 days staying in Mahyar residence lounge and they receive all  free provided clinical and residential services while spending their convalescence period

Medicine Allowance:

Since the access to the source of medicine supply in right time and from few authentic pharmacies at fair approved prices is crucial to the patients, Mahyar has already made contracts with some of these pharmacies, Red Crescent and some other medicinal aid providers. And according to the subsidy set by the state , patients will receive chemotherapy medicine allowance by remittance and through simplified procedure handled by Mahyar

Medical Equipment:

Mahyar also is in position to provide  Medical Equipment to the patients who might need beds, mattresses, wheelchairs, oxygen devices and oxygen capsules, walkers, etc. for free

Basket of Goods:

Donating basket of main food stuffs is another service which is provided  by Mahyar to the poor families regularly and on different occasions

Mahyar has the honor who as the only institute within  the country provides  free residing facilities and health care  specifically to bone marrow patients and in cooperation with 3 bone marrow transplant well known hospitals  in Tehran (Taleghani Hospital, Shariati Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital)